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Crop Circle Q & A With Suzanne Taylor

I have certain things I think most significant about the circles. Your comments would be appreciated:
1) They often occur overnight, in a very few hours and with no footprints ANYWHERE (OK; that's no big deal; I can rope and board them and leave no prints if my team is VERY careful).
Hard to do in the rain when mud is the story. Many come in the rain and no mud in the circles.
2) They often occur at times of new moon, so there is no light to work with to prevent stepping on stalks, leaving tracks, etc. Try using flashlights or headlights to prevent that sometime. It is nearly impossible.
That they aren't a holy mess of people mis-stepping is curious, under any circumstance -- old crop is unforgiving if you hit it -- like going outside the lines of a coloring book -- although we are told that the eyes do get used to whatever the light condition and perhaps that aspect isn't a problem for hoaxers.
3) They bend the stems midway up the stalk, not down at the bottom where the ropes and boards guy's designs get bent, and they have those exploded nodes in the stalks, like somebody microwaved them. Try doing that with a rope & a board.
One would think that is enough evidence -- no way to bend crop above the lower part. I don't know why that isn't considered absolute evidence. Nodes also, but not only exploded -- who knows but maybe they do that naturally -- but there's one science paper about the nodes exploded in a pattern, with node length bent most closest to the center and decreasing as you get further from the center. That is not natural.
4) Instrumentation behaves oddly at times (though not always) at the real deals.
Yes. My film talks about that and other of your items, too. What would do that, where cell phones work if you hold them outside the pattern and not inside? Could downed crop create that?
4.5) People behave oddly at times (not always, but there are quite a few sensitives who feel LOTS of stuff in those circles).
Too dicey to be used as proof of anything, but indeed it happens.
5) The real deals are sometimes BRAIDED; that would take a crew of humans weeks to do. The one that replicates the binary code sent out thru Arecibo and was formed next to a radio telescope in the U.K. was a braided one, wasn't it?
Arecibo wasn't braided. The Basket is the best example, which I can't imagine being able to be produced by human hand.
6) They appear all over the frigging place, all the frigging time, and many of them are quite beautiful.
The sophistication of the geometry, from the start even when the patterns were simple, from whence beauty derives, defies the work of guys with boards. Lately they have acquired a good geometer, but going back to Doug and Dave, they didn't even know geometry.
7) No videos taken of them being made, or at least none we know of. Seems like videographers in Wiltshire and other frequent locations would catch and film numerous ones being made, but that doesn't seem to happen much, does it?
Early watches that were set up by official auspices caught nothing -- but the circlemakers seemed to be toying with them, where after a two-week watch the next day a circle appeared, and a mist came down during a watch and when it lifted a circle was there with no motion censors going off. None of the real thing have video -- the famous one from 1996 was probably done in the lab. And no one catches the hoaxers. Now that is odd, since if they are making so many, in places where people do watch, you'd think they'd be caught, but none ever have been. Makes you think they don't do all that many, but other indications are that they do. Very puzzling.
8) Light balls and other visual manifestations are frequently seen above the area/grain being shaped into a design.
Seen before one appears. Next day you have a circle. Balls have been taped. Very curious.
9) They almost always occur directly over aquifers.
Lots over aquifers, which would conduct electro-magnetism that perhaps is involved with making the circles -- but not all are over aquifers.
Those are the main things I think make them scientifically interesting, but few scientists have developed much interest. Why do you think that is? I have a good bud who is a mathematician and astronomer and telescope maker who dismisses the whole phenomenon as a hoax, totally the invention of the ropes and boards people who can and do make some beautiful circles (just not identical to the real ones). Tom is a cool guy, especially if you want a really neat, really portable, high-end Dobsonian reflector telescope. See
The only thing more curious than them being made by an otherness is them being made by us. Harder to explain. Yet the world is not much open to what's outside the scientific materialistic perspective, and if you don't know the details and think all that's involved is flattened crop, you can understand disbelief. In fact, the most intelligent and progressive thinkers can be the most aggressively skeptical -- even to getting angry at me. That there isn't even curiosity about something so mysterious is very mysterious to me.